Release Date, Patch Notes, Driftboard Returning, Leaked Skins, Weapons, Map Changes and More!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 kicked off last week, completely overhauling the game as we know it.

Now that we’ve had a bit of time to get used to the new season it is now time to look towards the first update of the season, the 16.10 update.

Here is everything we know so far.

Release Date

It is expected that the 16.10 update will go live on Tuesday, March 30th, although nothing is confirmed yet.

The announcement for the next update usually doesn’t happen until the night before, so we won’t know for certain until it is announced, but looking at the typical update schedule we can assume it will be March 30th.

The Spire Challenges

The 16.10 update will also add The Spire challenges to the game.

Driftboard Returning?

A Fortnite leaker known as RodneyDonahue4 has claimed that the Driftboard will be making a return to the game in either the 16.10 or 16.20 update.

The Driftboard first appeared in the game with the 7.40 update during Season 7 and remained in the game until the end of Chapter 1 and was vaulted in the 11.00 update.

They used to be found in the snow biome on the Chapter 1 map, it is possible they will be found near the weather station in the small snow area on the Chapter 2 map, or may just be found around the map as they’re hoverboards rather than snowboards.

Patch Notes

Back in the good old days, Epic Games used to release full patch notes for every update, detailing every little change in the game.

Now, it appears that it is too much work for a multi-billion dollar company.

So instead, they release updates and let the community work them out for free, although I guess that’s one way to save money.

The night before a new update supported creators do get a brief set of patch notes with hints at what to expect, but it is still up to the community to figure out exactly what has been changed or added.

Leaked Skins

With each new update comes new skins that will be released in the Item Shop over the coming weeks.

Usually, some of these end up not being released and hang around the in-game files for a while.

Fortnite Brilliant Bomber Leaked Skin
UNKNOWN: Will we ever see Brilliant Bomber released?

Recently, most of what has been leaked has ended up on sale within that update period.

We can expect to see more skins when the new update is released later this week.

New Weapons

Chapter 2 Season 6 saw the loot pool be completely overhauled with the new Primal weapons and crafting system.

Right now the loot pool is very basic, so it is possible that we will start to see new weapons or variations of weapons added into the game during the upcoming patches.

Map Changes

Each season we see huge map changes, Season 4 brought us Marvel-themed POIs, and Season 5 brought us a large sand area in the centre of the map as well as the return of some Chapter 1 POIs.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Key Art Screenshot 7

Season 6 also brought changes to the map with 3 new POIs and much of the map getting an autumn theme.

It is possible we will start to see map changes as early as the 16.10 update, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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