Release Date, Leaks, Presents, Free Skins, Snowman NPC, News, Rumors and Everything You Need To Know!

The current season of Fortnite is nearly over.

This has been one of the longest seasons of Chapter 2 thus far, but there are only a few weeks left.

Now, we are awaiting the season-ending event which should be one of the best in quite some time.

With Season 15 on the horizon, there is a lot to look forward to.

Including Winterfest 2020.

Here’s all we know about this years event!

Release Date

As of now Epic has not posted a release date for Winterfest 2020.

Last year it released on the 18th of December, giving players ample time to complete all the challenges.

Expect around the same this year!

Snowman NPC

A Snowman NPC has been found in the game’s files according to @HYPEX on Twitter.

What is unique about this NPC, at least compared to others in Battle Royale so far, is that they have proper voice lines programmed in.

According to another HYPEX Tweet, they seem to suggest the snowman will give quests and grant players with loot.

  • Greetings my Hot blooded friend, which task would you like to perform for me?
  • You Look Hot…
  • Magic Claw
  • Thanks
  • Find Chests
  • Not Yet
  • Find those chests!
  • You won’t ever see this
  • Here ya go!

We have no idea what this could mean, or if it could just be a cutscene we get to take part in!


No news on the skins coming this year yet.

Last year, Epic rewarded players with 2 free skins over the course of Winterfest.

This was the first time Epic granted players free skins to that degree, so maybe we can expect the same again?

We will have to wait and see for more news.

Fortnite New Years Eve 2020 Event Leaked: What To Expect, Get A Free Wooly  Warrior Skin Now | HotHardware

Snow Covered Map

Epic covered the map in snow for Christmas Day last year, so hopefully they do the same this year!


Last year the main premise around Winterfest was that players were able to open presents each day for two weeks.

All kinds of rewards were inside, including the Millennium Falcon glider.

Hopefully we see some insane rewards this year!

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