Release date, Downtime, Patch notes, Neymar Jr, Week 7 challenges, Spire Challenges and more

We are around halfway through Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 and the next update, the 16.30 update, is right around the corner.

Here is when it will go live and everything you can expect.

Release Date

Update day has fallen on every other Tuesday for quite a while now, and we expect the 16.30 update to be no different.

This means that the 16.30 update should go live on Tuesday, April 27th.


Downtime usually begins at either 2 am EST/7 am BST, or 4 am EST/9 am BST.

We won’t know which one it is until Epic Games officially announced the 16.30 update.

Downtime usually lasts for around 2 hours and then players can dive back into the game and see all the changes that were made.

Patch Notes

Epic Games used to give us full patch notes, detailing even the smallest change to the game.

Now they don’t do that, or at least not for Battle Royale.

Instead, they email small basic patch notes to creators and post details on social media.

Then it is up to the community to figure out the rest.

Once we know all of the changes that are made in the 16.30 update we will detail them here.

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr, the legendary football player, is the secret skin for Chapter 2 Season 6.

Fortnite Neymar Jr Promo
SECRET: Neymar Jr is the secret skin for Season 6

He is set to be added to the game on April 27th and will be unlockable, along with other rewards, by completing a set of challenges.

Once he goes live we will let you know how to add him to your locker.

Spire Challenges

The Spire Challenges grant extra Battle Pass rewards throughout the season.

As of right now, there are no more Spire Challenges to do so we can expect the next lot to be added in the 16.30 update.

Week 7 Challenges

The 16.20 update added the week 5 and 6 challenges to the game.

But that means we have no more challenges lined up in the in-game files.

So we can expect the week 7 and 8 challenges to be added to the game in the 16.30 update.

Once they are known we will update this article with them.

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