Reddit user suggests new mythic item called “Dr. Slone’s cloning vials”

At the start of Fortnite Season 7, a host of NPC’s was introduced to the game. Some are brand new, while others are leftovers from last season. At the moment, the two most noticeable NPCs in-game are Rick Sanchez and Dr. Slone.

While the latter is well-known from the Rick and Morty TV series, newcomers to Fortnite may be asking, “Who is Dr. Slone?

Well, in essence, she’s an important character, not just to the storyline but to the entire Imagined Order itself.

She is armed to the teeth, and with combat gear, she makes for a formidable opponent in Fortnite Season 7. This is why a Reddit user came up with the idea of implementing her cloning technology and creating a useful in-game item called Dr. Slone’s cloning vials.

While it goes without saying that Epic Games won’t ever add the item to the game, it’s nice to daydream for a bit and imagine the possibilities. So, it’s time to talk about Dr. Slone and the cloning vials concept.

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Fortnite Season 7: Dr. Slone can clone

In addition to the consignment of bodyguards at her disposal, Dr. Slone has some powerful combat technology as well. From a mythic pulse rifle to the ability to clone mid-combat, she is a dangerous NPC to take on in Fortnite Season 7.

A Fortnite Reddit user, Clear-Time-2630, came up with the idea for a new mythic item in-game which utilizes Slone’s cloning technology. Players could use it to bamboozle opponents during an engagement or escape the firefight.

Dr. Slone
Dr. Slone’s cloning vials (Image via Clear-Tune-2630/Reddit)

Much like how Dr. Slone drops the mythic pulse rifle upon being defeated, cloning vials can be obtained similarly. However, unlike the pulse rifle, the vials would have to be limited to just two uses at most to stop it from becoming overpowered.

In essence, the item would create two clones of the player, with them acting as decoys. The clones would also replicate the amount of health and shields that the player had before using the cloning vials.

They would function similar to the decoy grenade. However, the clones would be better in terms of functionality and mechanics and perhaps even smarter owing to better AI.

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