Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn Patch Notes are out; check out the new Thai operator

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, developed by Ubisoft, has become one of the top contenders in the online multiplayer shooting category. The game has seen a sudden rise in growth and players, making it one of the most popular games in its category. Rainbow 6 Siege is coming out with a new season update for its players called Operation Neon Dawn. Players have been asking for the Rainbow 6 Siege Neon Dawn patch notes.

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Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn patch notes

The latest seasonal update for Rainbow 6 Siege is called Operation Neon Dawn. Here are the Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn patch notes:

New Operator Aruni

  • Aruni is the latest character addition to the game. Aruni is the first character from Thailand in Rainbow Six Siege. Aruni’s gadget is Surya Gate, which is a network of lasers that can be used to trap the enemy team and slow down their progress. Aruni can set up 3 Surya Gates, that are indestructible but can be deactivated. The Surya Gate will inflict 40 damage to the players that pass through it. The Surya Gate can be deactivated for 30 seconds by shooting a projectile or drone through it.


  • Hibana’s character has been worked upon. Ubisoft wants her character to stand out so they changed the way she deals with her weapons. Hibana can cycle between clusters of two, four, and six pellets through her Kairos Launcher. Earlier she could shoot only 3 clusters of 6 pellets. This will certainly help her character grow as a breacher.


  • Echo has been worked upon too. Echo’s Yokai drone will no longer be invisible. This gadget of Echo made him one of the strongest characters, but the players felt the character had an undue advantage. Ubisoft has increased the visibility of the drone to reduce the advantage made by Echo.


  • Earlier the character’s gadgets could absorb up to 6 projectiles making it very easy for the player to stay shielded within a deployable shield and avoid the attack. Now the gadget can burn one missile at a time with a cooldown of 10 seconds. Allowing other players to infiltrate during that time.

Skyscraper rework

  • The Skyscraper map has additionally been revised. There are fewer overhangs, and the ones that remain are moved. There’s likewise rebalancing and repositioning of other significant guide components, including the capacity to scale and get the higher ground.

No Drop Zone

  • Bomb sites will have no drop zones so that players cannot plant themselves at the edge of the site

New Chat Features

  • They have brought in new chat features such as text to speech and a new narration and hints option

Gadget Interactions

  • Gadget interactions with other gadgets have been worked upon. The change will allow explosive projectiles to stick to bulletproof gadgets

New Runout timer

  • Earlier the run-out timer had 2 seconds and now it has just a second. UI of the timer has also been changed from a countdown to a progress bar.

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