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It’s been over a year since the Travis Scott skin was seen in Fortnite and it’s about time that the skin returns to the game as well. Since the skin has a good amount of fan following, majority of the community would love to see the skin return to the Fortnite item shop

These fans are so passionate about the American rapper that questions like “When is Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite?”, and “Travis Scott when?” can be seen in almost all Fortnite related tweets.

When is Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite?

It’s slightly difficult to tell when the Travis Scott Fortnite skin will be back in the game. There were rumors of the Travis Scott skin returning to Fortnite sometime around April 23rd, but that didn’t happen. Some data miners were almost sure that the bundle would make a return based upon the information previously.

Popular data miner iFireMonkey later on tweeted that the Travis Scott Fortnite item shop tab had been deleted. People initially thought he was joking, but he posted a screenshot to back up his statements.

Travis Scott loyalists were very disappointed with this entire ordeal. Many people online expected the skin to arrive on April 30th, because it’s his birthday. However, the Travis Scott Fortnite skin still seems to be missing from the item shop even after the reset.

Do the teasers hint at a potential return of the Travis Scott Fortnite skin?

Based on the information received in the YouTube video below, there’s a chance that the Travis Scott Fortnite skin may return tomorrow or with the 16.40 update. The 16.40 update is expected to arrive on May 11th, so the Travis Scott Fortnite skin may arrive on that day or the day after the item shop resets.

To celebrate Travis Scott’s birthday, Sony Music was giving out limited edition Travis Scott x Fortnite tees as well. The promotion was open to residents of New Zealand only, as seen in the video.

One fan went the extra mile and even started a petition on change.org requesting Epic Games to bring back the Travis Scott Fortnite skin. The entire petition can be found here, and people wishing to sign the petition can do so from that very link.

Having said that, the Travis Scott Fortnite skin is as popular as the Marshmello skin. According to data miners, the files in the Marshmello bundle were updated in the Fortnite 16.30 update but there is no information bout the Travis Scott Fortnite skin.

From the looks of it, the Marshmello bundle may be available in the 16.40 update in another two weeks, provided Fortnite sticks to their schedule. As for Travis Scott, the skin may arrive along with the Marshmello bundle in the 16.40 update itself. However, players need to take this information with a pinch of salt because there’s no official confirmation from Epic Games till now.

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