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The PlayVS Fortnite NA (East) tournament has come to a close and players are already looking forward to the Fall 2021 PlayVS Fortnite Championships.

PlayVS Fortnite concluded on May 4th, with several young players competing for that first-place spot. For those that are unaware, PlayVS Fortnite is a championship game that happens a few times a year specifically for high school and college players. They allow several young players to play and represent their school, with money and other prizes up for grabs.

Now that the NA(East) has ended, some players are looking for more information on the Fall 2021 championship.

PlayVS Fortnite Spring 2021 Winners

PlayVS Fortnite revealed a total prize pool of $40,000 for the Spring 2020 competition. Though they do not share how much each player wins, they did share the results. DaddyP Dont Miss came in third place, Mars came in second place, and Posick came out in first place. Although most of the cash prizes are hidden, it’s believed that Posick won $4,000, since that’s what he shared through his own Twitter account.

The NA(West) is set to conclude later today at 10:00 PM PST and will award another first-place winner $4,000. The best part about PlayVS Fortnite is that when a player wins, the money given is meant to be put towards their education. So, some could think of these wins as scholarships for the future.

This is what makes the PlayVS Fortnite collaboration more unique than most tournaments. Typically, most Fortnite players are in high school or college anyway, so it works out that playing in these championships could help them in their future education.

PlayVS Fortnite Fall 2021

Though no real information is out yet, players who are interested in signing up can learn more here. Prize pools could be upwards of $40,000, which is more of a reason to sign up for information on when the next championship is. The Fall 2021 Championship is expected to start in September and conclude sometime in the first week of December.

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