PlayStation Skins That Would Be Perfect for the Game

Among Us is finally coming to PlayStation, and with InnerSloth already showcasing Ratchet and Clank, a few more characters would be great to see.

After several months of waiting, PlayStation fans will finally be getting access to a full version of Among Us on their console of choice. Coming to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the incredibly popular indie game will be arriving later this year. While a date has not yet been specified, the announcement alone is exciting and a long time coming. Great fun with friends and a perfect streaming game, a new audience will soon have access to the surprise hit that is Among Us.

However, players hunting down their “sus” friends and completing tasks will be doing so while dressed as Ratchet from Insomniac’s Ratchet and Clank franchise. An adorable Clank pet will be seen alongside the Lombax ears and orange suit of the PlayStation mascot, adding to the quality of this exclusive skin. While this is a great touch by InnerSloth, it would be great to see this skin only being the first of many, with several more PlayStation crossovers taking place as well. With no shortage of exclusives to pull from, here are some of the best options for PlayStation-inspired Among Us outfits.

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Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter remake bluepoint

Continuing with the theme of PlayStation mascots, seeing the iconic duo of Jak and Daxter as skins could be a lot of fun. For Jak, his original blue outfit from The Precursor Legacy could be worn by a crewmate, with the more defining feature being his elvish ears and tall green hair. For Daxter, seeing the sassy ottsel made into a pet makes too much sense. Like Clank, he could be fully modeled and and easily distinguishable from the other companions. While a new Jak and Daxter game seems like a pipe dream, the pair could live on through an Among Us cameo.

Sly Cooper

Another PlayStation icon that got his start in the the PS2 era, Sly Cooper and his adventures are in serious need of some love. As such, seeing the thieving raccoon incorporated into Among Us could prove a lot of fun. While crewmates lack the hands to hold his signature cane, including his blue hat would be incredibly easy. A large raccoon tail could also be attached to the cosplaying crewmate as another way to pay homage. As for a pet, Murray would likely be too large, though the tiny turtle Bentley could be a perfect fit.

God of War

With Kratos already making cameos in Fortnite and Mortal Kombat, seeing him cross over into something like Among Us would hardly be a shocker. While InnerSloth could make use of his Greek or Norse designs, the latter seems like a better fit for the game. Alongside his viking-like armor, the Ghost of Sparta’s large beard could be seen on a crewmate. Further, using the Norse version of Kratos would allow for Atreus to be worked into the game as a pet, allowing those using Kratos to have the perfect companion.

The Last of Us

Joel teaches Ellie how to shoot in he Last of Us

The record-breaking The Last of Us series seems like another no-brainer for a crossover skin, with the obvious option of Joel and Ellie being the best. The former could wear his signature green shirt, with the younger version of Ellie following Joel around and wearing her red top. Both their original hairstyles can also be included to make the look more effective, with plenty of potential for a Clicker skin as well. Though a bit more controversial, an Abby and Lev combo would work wonders, with Abby’s braided hair helping her stand out.


Another option would see Aloy’s Fortnite crossover followed up by an Among Us appearance. The red-haired archer would be instantly recognizable by her hairstyle alone, with the stylized locks making any crewmate look the part. While a companion would be harder to pull off with a Horizon crossover, Aloy’s appearance in Monster Hunter World proved that it is possible. A tiny Watcher could be seen following Aloy around, adding to the value of her addition.


LittleBigPlanet sackboy

Finally, rounding out the list is none other than Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The adorable puppet could instantly make the most disliked Among Us color more appealing, with some black button eyes placed over a crewmate’s visor, too. The signature zipper would help round out the look, with Oddsock from LittleBigPlanet 3 making a fine companion for Sackboy fans.

With plenty more options for PlayStation skins, including something from the Infamous series or Uncharted franchise, InnerSloth has several possibilities for crossover content if fans show interest.

Among Us is out now for mobile, PC, and Switch, with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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