Patch Notes, Rammus Update, Buffs, Nerfs, Items, Champions & more

LoL 11.8 is the next big update for League of Legends, and as we approach receiving its first set of early patch notes, a new gameplay roadmap has revealed some upcoming changes!

For starters, a brand new Rammus update is coming, including several visual upgrades.

Here’s what we know so far about LoL 11.8.

Release Date

LoL 11.8 will go live in League of Legends on Wednesday, April 14th.

LoL 11.8 Release Date Patch Notes Rammus Update
CELEBRATION: LoL 11.8 is coming soon to shake up the game

We expect to receive its official patch notes by Monday, April 11th, and its first set of early patch notes on Monday, April 4th.

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Patch Notes

Our first insights into League of Legends updates come from early patch notes revealed by Gameplay Director Mark Yetter on Twitter during development.

These typically come over a week before the newest LoL patch goes live.

With LoL 11.8, we expect to receive some early patch notes by Monday, April 4th.

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LoL 11.8 Roadmap

In a new update from the Gameplay development team some upcoming changes that are on the table for League of Legends have been revealed.

LoL 11.8 Rammus Update Soaring Slam Ultimate Rework
OK: Rammus is picking up a new ultimate is his upcoming rework

Some of these updates are planned for release very soon – and this includes a much needed Rammus update which improves the Armordillo’s animations and visuals as well.

While most changes in Yetter’s post aren’t given a release date window more specific than the next few months, the Rammus changes are being targeted for LoL 11.8.

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Other future plans that may make their way into LoL 11.8 include the following:

  • Sona buffs, QOL Changes
  • Taric Combo Changes to Allow Buffs
  • Top Lane buffs
  • New Tank Item
  • Tahm Kench Visual Update
  • New Enchanter Item.

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