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UPDATE: The full patch notes for today’s Overwatch Anniversary update have been released and include the following changes:


Feature Update: Nameplate Voice Icons

Nameplates now indicate which teammates are speaking in Team or Group voice chat channels. This feature is also available for Match voice chat channels when enabled in Custom Games. The voice icon color will match the color of the voice chat channel players are speaking in.

Overwatch League Away (White) Skins

Players who have previously earned a hero’s Overwatch League Home (Gray) skin through historical promotions will now be automatically granted that hero’s corresponding Overwatch League Away (White) skin.


Competitive Deathmatch

Competitive Deathmatch Season 4 has begun! Now through June 8th, 2021, compete in Competitive 8-player free for all Deathmatch to earn a rank and rewards.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being selected on the player list within the replay controls when using a mouse

  • Fixed a bug with team composition tips appearing on hero select in non-Role-Queue 6v6 game modes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Hero Select from opening properly on Horizon Lunar Colony under specific circumstances

  • Fixed a bug that caused some heroes to not restore their ability charges immediately after respawning

  • Fixed a bug that caused voice lines found in Loot Boxes to not play their waveforms when inspected







  • Fixed a bug that allowed phased out teammates to be healed by Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher

  • Fixed a bug that caused the lingering aura of an expired Immortality Field to remain on a player who leaves the expired field’s area of effect


  • Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat’s RIP-Tire to teleport to the floor if his ultimate is triggered from a high ledge

  • Fixed a bug that caused the default RIP-Tire portrait to appear when equipping specific skins


UPDATE: 2021’s Overwatch Anniversary event is expected to kick off at 7pm with a new update needing to be downloaded. The official Blizzard maintenance page has been updated with a new patch going live at this time on EU servers. Fans can expect a full set of patch notes to be shared after the event has gone live.

ORIGINAL: Developers Blizzard has confirmed that its next Overwatch Anniversary event is launching on May 18, and gamers will need to download and install a new update.

This means new skins to unlock from returning Anniversary Loot Boxes, which will back in the game later today.

New outfits will include Black Cat Sombra, Venus Moira, and the Funky Baptiste, all of which will be available until the event ends.

The new Anniversary event is expected to last around three weeks and will include other returning activities from past years.

Anniversary usually includes the return of seasonal brawls, with Blizzard confirming last year:

“Participate in the weekly anniversary Challenges for even more epic rewards, such as Carbon Fiber Sigma, Fleur de Lis Widowmaker, and Masked Man McCree.

“Did you miss any Overwatch festivities over the previous years? Don’t worry—you’ll be able to unlock items from past events using credits (or by opening Loot Boxes)! Relive the thrill of previous seasonal brawls in the Arcade, with a brawl of the day rotating throughout the Anniversary celebration.”

So fans can probably expect more of the same, as well as some other background changes.

The new Overwatch update is expected to arrive at 7pm on Tuesday, May 18, across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This is the usual Overwatch update time for events and shouldn’t change unless issues arise during the launch.

There has been no word on Overwatch needing to perform any maintenance for the upcoming patch.

When it comes to early patch notes, we do know that Blizzard have been testing some bug fixes for May.

The PTR patch notes can be found listed below and while they are unlikely to be complete, they are expected to include some of these changes:



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