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When the Fortnite v13.30 released, players began to notice that there was something under the water at the edge of the map. Those who took a closer look in replay mode could see that this was a wrecked ship.

Much of the aesthetics of the ship resembled the Siona skin. We can see a ship that shares the same colors and characteristics as Siona’s base outfit. What’s more is that this ship has an occupant. There’s a male skin wearing the same outfit as Siona, sitting in one of the seats.

The passenger’s side seat is empty, however, which strongly suggests that this is how Siona got to the Fortnite island. She is, after all, the only space-themed skin in the Season 3 battle pass.

This ship is pretty out-of-place when you consider the surface theme of Season 3. We’re looking at a flooded map littered with sharks and watching the water levels go down about once a week. Nothing – apart from, possibly, the Marauders – hint towards outer space playing any role in this season.

Anyone who played Fortnite during Chapter 1 Season 3 remembers that this was the season that started it all when it comes to the lore of the game. The meteor hit the island at the beginning of the season and The Visitor emerged from his pod, within. The season ended with the iconic Rocket Launch – the first-ever in-game Fortnite event.

Could we be seeing something similar in Chapter 2 Season 3? The Visitor was one of The Seven – first introduced in Chapter 1 Season 3. We haven’t met any additional members of The Seven since Season X. Could this mystery astronaut be number four? YouTuber Ali-A touched on this theory in one of his recent videos.

(Subject starts at 8:25)

“One of the biggest parts of the Fortnite storyline – The Seven – are all related to futuristic space,” Ali-A explained. “To tie it back and to find out more about these characters, space is going to have to revisited at some point; and it looks like it’s all starting off right here.”

Ali-A went on to theorize that The Marauders could be looking for this myserious character, which could fall in line with a slightly different theory from TheSmithPlays. To summarize, the latter suggests that the Marauders are members of the Save the World universe – sent to Battle Royale for some undisclosed reason. You can take a look at our article on that theory here.

Credit: u/ThatPumpkinHook

Chapter 2 Season 3 seems like the perfect time for the introduction of a new member of The Seven. It’s been a full chapter since we met The Visitor. If Epic are following the road map of Chapter 1 for their Chapter 2 story, then we’ll likely be seeing a new member this season. Of course, these are only theories, but we think there are some solid links between the original Visitor and this mysterious astronaut.

Of course, we’ll know more when the water levels lower and the ship reaches the surface. If the astronaut leaves his ship, however, we could be in for some déjà vu. After that, he’ll be building a rocket at Steam Stacks and trying to make it home.

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