Official Fortnite Season 6 image accidentally leaked on Xbox

Unofficial leaks are fun, but nothing is quite as exciting as an accidental early post of official content. We’ve seen that happen multiple times in Fortnite‘s history, and the latest leak is no exception. It seems that Xbox accidentally posted the main Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 image early, giving fans a tantalizing look at the season that is only days away.

The image itself doesn’t reveal too much — it’s the Battle Bus and the Fortnite logo. However, players have been intrigued by the yellow and orange tattered strips included in the background, which hints at the next season’s theme. According to reliable game leaker HYPEX, the image appeared early on Xbox.

Despite its mild nature, the image is an exciting leak because of how little we know about what is coming in Season 6. Epic has kept a tight lid on things this time around and leaks have, until this point, been little more than wild speculation with no clear theme or story.

The most we know about the game’s upcoming Season 6 comes from Epic itself, which recently published a number of details about how the current season will end and the next will begin. Starting on March 16, players will get to experience the first solo Fortnite narrative gameplay.

Epic has likewise promised that fans will soon experience the game’s most ‘cinematic’ event to date — though it’s unclear whether it will happen on March 15, the last day of Season 5, or on March 16, the first day of Season 6. Based on Epic’s language, it seems possible the event will kick off the next season.

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