North American Fortnite Pro To Follow in Tfue’s Footsteps

Epic Games’ extremely successful Battle Royale, Fortnite has been experiencing some turbulence within its community recently. Epic’s ban on wagers in the game divided the community. On one hand, players were fed up with stream snipers and Fortnite’s broken mechanics and weapons, while on the other hand players supported Epic to keep their beloved BR alive.

In the midst of all this, the North American Fortnite pro, Clix has expressed his loss of love and interest for Fortnite. On March 26, he tweeted, “Won’t be playing or having anything to do with wagers anymore, just got personally messaged by epic and was told to stop or will result in a ban. Recommend others to stop as well, tweeting this so people are aware.”

Clix has received tons of support from fellow pros and fans alike. His biggest supporter, however, is his teammate NRG Ronaldo. After noticing the sheer volume of stream snipers in Epic’s BR title, Ronaldo made the calculated decision of including a second Battle Royale into his streams, Call of Duty Warzone.

Clix has often ranted about getting stream sniped and threatened to uninstall Fortnite. Since then, Ronaldo has managed to persuade Clix to put his abilities to the test on Warzone.

Will Fortnite die if Clix leaves?

Tyler ‘Tfue’ Tenny ruled the Fortnite competitive scene with an iron fist from 2017 to 2018. However, ever since the Fortnite World Cup, he has become a shadow of his former self when it comes to his presence in the community.

His exit from the Fortnite community began due to similar reasons as Clix’s. Additionally, he began to favor Warzone, and is now an avid streamer of the game.

While Clix quitting Fortnite is quite a realistic possibility, the game will continue to survive with or without him. There are plenty of hungry players out there, just waiting for their chance to shine and win some FNCS tournament money. If Clix does quit the game, it will be another saddening addition to a long list of players who have just outgrown the game.

Do you think Clix will quit Epic’s BR title? Would this move be wise on his part? Let us know in the comments down below.

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