Nintendo’s Cyber Monday Switch Deal Is A ‘Fortnite’ Bundle With In-Game And Console Skins

If there was anything that was best available to demonstrate the utter lack of game companies giving any ground on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, it’s Nintendo’s big Switch bundle for the holiday.

The Cyber Monday deal includes a Switch, and pre-installed Fortnite with an in-game bundle for…$299, the standard price of a Switch in the first place, and on top of that, Fortnite is a free game.

The bundle itself does have some value, I suppose. With the Switch bundle you get:

  • The Wildcat skin (two variants, I believe)
  • Wildcat back bling
  • 2,000 V-bucks (about $20 of in-game currency)
  • A physical skin for your Switch that makes it “Fortnite colors” (blue and gold) and has some character faces on the hardware.

I am already seeing that by the time I got around to writing about this, this is sold out at most outlets that were carrying it. It’s been a trend of the shopping season that not only are brand new hardware releases like the PS5 and Xbox Series X sold out, but even 3.5 year old units like the Switch are sold out most places for full retail price, and there are not even discounts on last-gen PS4s and Xbox Ones most places, in addition to their prices that have come down over time.

As ever, the only real Black Friday deals we’ve seen on gaming hardware are for accessories, and the main deals are for games themselves, with some solid ones anywhere from 30-75% off, depending on the title. But Nintendo is the only company to offer console “deals,” but none of them have been below $299, the normal price of the Switch which has not fallen since launch, and they just throw in a game or two. In this case, not even that, they are pre-installing a free game and giving you some microtransaction stuff.

But that’s how bad people want Switches and other hardware, so this is where we’re landing. Switches may end up being easier to find with more stock refilling more quickly than PlayStation or Xbox, but it has not exactly been a breeze to locate them either.

Speculation is that Nintendo will launch something like a “Switch Pro” next holiday, an upgraded version of the current unit, and that will certainly be a best-seller when it arrives. So if you do find one now, know that it might end up being outdated within the year. But your kids may not care. Good luck.

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