Ninjala Season 4 is Out Now

Ninjala’s winter-themed fourth season has begun, bringing with it a new map and weapons, plus a variety of quality-of-life adjustments.

Ninjala has ranked among the most popular live-service games to emerge in the past year, offering millions of players a lighthearted melee-centric break from popular shooters like Fortnite, PUBG, and Destiny 2. So far, they have been treated to three seasons’ worth of content for Ninjala, and now that its fourth season is underway, they have even more to look forward to.

GungHo Entertainment has officially started Season 4 today, announcing that it will be live for the next two months until March 24 at 5:59 PM PST. The announcement of the winter-themed season was marked with a new cinematic trailer, which starts with the game’s ninja kids getting up to typical ninja antics before, in an interesting change of pace, segueing into riffs on scenes from the 2016 musical La La Land.

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As for new content, Ninjala Season 4 sees the introduction of a brand new stage called Fort Riverdale, which includes new elements like warp pads and giant gumball machines. Two new gum weapons, known as the Scrap Saber and Chewing V, have also been added, and in addition to numerous adjustments to ranked matches, weapons, UI, and more, GungHo has implemented increased penalties for Ninjala players who disconnect from lobbies after being matched.

Lastly, the developer has brought back one of the game’s previous Matsuri (Festival) events, the Ninjala Pass Matsuri (Festival). From now until January 20, players will be able to earn an increased amount of battle pass points through completing daily missions. Better yet, for the duration of the event, players will be able to renew their missions for free as often as they want.

Ninjala is free-to-play for the Nintendo Switch.

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