Ninja vs. Tfue rivalry comes to a head following MrBeast charity event

Tfue and Ninja got into it over the weekend following the MrBeast rock-paper-scissors charity event.

It’s no secret that Tfue and Ninja have had their differences. The two have a rival that dates back to the pre-Fortnite days.

Ninja and Tfue have been on-again-off-again with their respect for one another. They go through stages of civility – they have even played with one another in the past – and stages of animosity.

The most recent feud began during the MrBeast rock-paper-scissors charity tournament. Ninja and Tfue were set to meet in the second round when Ninja called out Tfue for streaming during the competition.

Tfue’s famous ‘beating Ninja’ thumbnail

Tfue snapped back but soon had to eat his words as he leaked his Twitter DMs and, subsequently, MrBeast’s phone number. It was clear that Tfue felt bad about the slip-up, but wasn’t in the mood for Ninja’s criticisms.

“If MrBeast is like, ‘Tfue, you’re a f**kin’ scumbag p***y,’ … I’ll take it,” Tfue told his chat. “I deserve it. I’m a f**king idiot. But, like, Ninja shouldn’t be talking s**t because he’s a f**king p***y and needs to keep his g*****n mouth shut.”

Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, took to Twitter to defend her husband. She claimed that Ninja only spoke out because there were rumors that he was responsible for the leak.

“Turner was live streaming that he leaked it and continued to. It was out people [sic]. His whole chat was spamming ‘let’s blame ninja’ so yeah, we took control before those rumors popped off,” Blevins wrote.

Blevins even went so far as to claim that Tfue is “desperate for money,” which is why he streamed the event and continues to pressure Ninja to fight him. She responded to Tfue’s brother, Jack Tenney, and referenced Tfue’s legal fees from fighting his FaZe Clan contract.

The Ninja vs. Tfue fight seemed to play out in the Joog Squad and Jessica Blevins timeline. Ninja remained relatively silent and Tfue threw some jabs in the way of retweets.

This rivalry seems to be as hot as ever, which is awkward for people in the middle of it. The likes of Cloakzy, TimtheTatMan, and other streamers are friends with both Ninja and Tfue.

Because of the Fortnite connection, the two will likely squash this beef at some point and be civil to one another, although the bad blood may never fully go away.

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