Ninja Skin in Fall Guys Now Available

Ninja Skin will be available in Fall Guys soon.
Ninja Skin will be available in Fall Guys soon. | Photo by Mediatronic

Ninja skin in Fall Guys is one of the commemorative skins of those who won a charity event hosted by Special Effect and Fall Guys. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was among the top donors, and skin based on his likeness will be coming to Fall Guys tomorrow.

There’s no special requirement to get the skin, all you need is the standard five crowns for the top and another five crowns for the bottom. That means you’ll need ten crowns in total.

The Ninja skin is based on his signature hoodie look that was also used for his Fortnite Icon Series skin. Between Fall Guys and Fortnite, you now rep Ninja in your battle royale of choice.

The charity event saw Ninja, Mr. Beast, Aim Lab and G2 Esports team up for a group donation of $1 million, winning the charity auction against other brands for a skin in Fall Guys. Each of the four will get their own skin, which seems like a loophole in the rules but it’s moot to complain when the money is going to a good cause. The other skins will come soon, and it seems like they’ll be released one at a time.

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