“Ninja is a P*ssy” War of Words Continues Between Tfue and Ninja

YouTuber Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson organized a rock-paper-scissors tournament in order to raise funds for a COVID-19 relief. The tournament featured 32 creators including some of the biggest streamers and content creators around like Ninja, Tfue, and Nadeshot.

The broadcast was going well until Tfue made an embarrassing mistake that caused Mr Beast a little problem. Ninja later took to Twitter to call out Tfue for his actions.

Ninja and Tfue Duke it Out on Twitter

The charity tournament was going well, but Tfue made a huge mistake by accidentally leaking the code required to get into the participants’ private chat group. Everyone participating in the tournament had agreed not to stream the event on their personal channels. Rather, everyone was redirecting their viewers to Mr Beast’s YouTube channel so that they could donate directly to the charity.

Tfue had ignored the decision and was streaming the event on his channel too. It was on his broadcast that the professional Fortnite player leaked the code. Moreover, the screenshot he posted on his stream also contained Mr Beast’s private number.

To hide credit, though, he did apologize soon after.

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Following this, Ninja had a few words for Tfue on twitter. As you may already know, Tfue is not one to keep his thoughts to himself either. A war of words ensued.

Tfue did not take kindly to this and launched an attack on Ninja soon after.

Ninja does make a good point here, and he does it in a cool and calm manner too.

Other popular streamers joined in too.

Ninja’s wife joined in to defend her husband after the streamer started getting some hate on social media.

While the leak surely caused Mr Beast some problems, we could look at it positively and say the controversy perhaps helped the tournament go even more viral than it was before. Mr Beast even assured Tfue later on that there were “no hard feelings.”

All said and done, the charity tournament was hugely successful, raising over an astonishing $1 million!

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