Nick Eh 30 makes great ‘quality of life’ suggestion for Fortnite

Epic Games likes to focus on the bigger picture, but Nick Eh 30’s latest suggestion for Fortnite would see a big quality of life improvement with little work needed.

Season X has Epic busy with constant new map changes and an ongoing conflict with the majority of the community over the BRUTEs. In this chaos, it’s often easy to miss the small details that help make a game feel ‘complete’ and user-friendly.

Nick Eh 30 is a calm voice in the community who loves to suggest slight changes which would help steer the game in the right direction. His latest idea caught our eye and we wanted to share it with you.

Nick Eh 30 suggests new graphics option for PCs

PC players are granted a wide array of differing settings to play around with to increase graphical fidelity or get extra frames. Many players want to maximize the amount of FPS to sync with their 144hz or 240hz monitors, but there’s a surprisingly annoying obstacle for performance in the game.

Nick Eh 30 pointed out the issue and an easy solution.

While the game runs significantly better than it did in Season 8 days, Fortnite can still be quite demanding in chaotic fights. For this reason, PC players tend to turn the ‘Effects’ setting to the lowest possible setting.

Particle effects like gun flashes, smokes, fog, clouds, etc. are some of the most taxing features for graphics cards and CPUs. Turning off the setting can give huge increases to performance, but unfortunately it also turns off the “grenade glow” which lets you spot pesky grenades landing near you.

Nick Eh 30 suggests that Epic simply creates a new graphics option which allows you to manual turn the grenade glow on or off. This way players can still get the FPS boosts for competitive gameplay without sacrificing too much.

Manual graphics settings allow for better framerates

Of course, Epic could also focus on optimizing particle effects to better accommodate users’ PCs. This would, however, take much longer due to the difficulty of testing hundreds of potential setups and the inherently costly nature of particles in game engines.

With Epic struggling to keep a good image up with the community, this would be a nice olive branch to PC players at the very least.

Console players already have this setting implemented in a way as the consoles run on a single graphics setting built around 60fps. Perhaps Epic could also look into improving the customization of console side graphics options? Xbox One X does support framerates up to 120fps after all.

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