NFL x Fortnite is coming back with full steam next month

As we inch closer to the NFL’s coveted Super Bowl, here’s a reminder of the collaboration to come with Fortnite

You may have seen a conspicuous retweet from Fortnite’s competitive Twitter page from — out of all people — the National Football League’s Players Association

While this might seem like an unconventional crossover, seasoned Fortnite veterans know all too well the history these two organizations have with one another. In January, Twitch Rivals hosted a Fortnite event where top pro players competed alongside NFL players

Clix ended up carrying Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen to the dub


According to Epic, we’ll have a similar event before this season’s Super Bowl again. Confirmed via blog post, NFL players have already begun the month long competition leading up to the main event

Players are now able to queue up for Arena as top performers will move onto the NFLPA Open and then the final Invitational

As of now, reigning champion Kurt Benkert is in the lead with 8,627 Arena points

I have to say it’s pretty cool knowing that an NFL player is good enough at Fortnite and willing to grind the game enough to get into Champion League.

Last time around, the LAN event was a well received crossover. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, players will be confined to the online environment. Twitch Rivals has since moved completely online with relative ease so there shouldn’t be much of a concern from that front

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