New Tinstack Fortnite Weapon Leak Draws Comparisons to Fuse


A new Fortnite weapon has been leaked to the public, and many players have been quick to note it bears a striking resemblance to Apex Legend’s new character Fuse.

A new leak has revealed a number of weapons will be making their way to Fortnite soon, including the Tinstack. The Tinstack is a launcher based weapon that will grant players the ability to rain fire upon their enemies as it hurtles a barrage that covers a wide range. The clip below, which comes to us courtesy of Reddit user ximton on the Fortnite Leaks subreddit, shows the new weapon in all of its glory.

Many people within the subreddit were quick to note the intense similarities between this weapon and the new Fuse character in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. Whether this means that Epic had already been developing this weapon prior to Fuse’s existence or this is simply their way of paying tribute to their Battle Royale compatriots, this new weapon is sure to make an explosive impact to the Fortnite scene.

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