New Fortnite Feature Changes Up the Game Each Week

Fortnite’s got a new feature implemented now that’s guaranteed to shake things up every week by adjusting the balance of the loot pool for a couple of days. The new feature is called “Wild Weeks,” and as the name suggests, it’ll see a focus put on different parts of the game each week to emphasize different tactics, weapon types, and more so that each week is different than the last. The first of those weeks is live now and is heavily focused on weapons and items that create fire.

“Fighting Fire with Fire” is the official theme of this debut Wild Week that’s live as of May 6th. Since the new feature was introduced and kicked off on Thursday, each subsequent Thursday will usher in the new Wild Week where we leave behind the one before and focus on something different. Whether the theme will be revealed prior to it starting on or on the day of remains to be seen since we’ve only gotten one of them so far, but players should at least expect updates like the one below from the game’s social accounts to clue them in on what the focus is every week.

For the fire-focused week, players will see things like the Flame Bows and Fireflies appear more often while the Flare Gun has also been temporarily brought back. Fire also has different effects in general this week by spreading quicker and doing more damage to show that it isn’t only the weapon and item pools that’ll be changing with each Wild Week.

“Fireflies and Flame Bows will heat up the action with their greater availability, and the Flare Gun from Chapter 2 Season 3 has made a rekindled return!” Epic Games said about the new feature. “It’s never been easier to set enemy structures ablaze, which is fitting when you consider this week’s Legendary Quest. Additionally, fire will deal more damage and spread faster than before.”

While not as impactful as a full-blow update with lengthy patch notes to look through, the new Wild Weeks feature should alleviate some of the problems players have with the game feeling stagnant between its bigger updates. Even if the changes aren’t too consequential, they’ll shift the meta if only a tiny bit each week.

Fortnite’s current Wild Week will be live until May 13th at 10 a.m. ET at which point a new event will begin.

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