New Fortnite exploit allows you to see through walls

We’ve seen a lot of Fortnite exploits come and go, but this one is on another level. You can now create invisible walls in Fortnite.

The word “broken” gets thrown around quite a bit in the gaming world. There has been a long list of broken items and mechanics in Fortnite but this one might take the cake.

Seeing through fully-built walls seems like something you’d get from hacking the game. There is a way to do this through an exploit, though, as u/Vaskss showed us through a Reddit video.

To do this, you break through a portion of the wall so you can see through it naturally. Then, you click your “repair” and “edit” buttons at the same time. Once the wall finishes repairing, you’ll be able to see through it.

It’s unclear if everyone in the lobby can see through the walls or if it just works for you. Either way, it will give you a massive advantage. The method is truly broken if your opponents can’t see through the walls.

Even if they can, though, they probably won’t know what’s going on. They won’t know what’s edited and what’s not.

Credit: ImSpeedyGonzalez

This is more of a camping strategy than it is a box-fighting strategy. You won’t have time to break the wall and set up the glitch in the middle of a fight, but you can do this while sitting in a box in a competitive match.

We’ve covered a ton of Fortnite exploits over the lifespan of the game, but this one might be one of the more broken methods we’ve seen. Try it out for yourself and tell us how it goes.

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