New Apex Legends Revenant Sakura Steel Twitch Free Skin Available Now

The new Revenant Sakura Steel Skin in Apex Legends is now available for you to claim for free and here’s how to do it.

New skins are released in Apex Legends on a regular basis and Respawn have partnered up with Prime Gaming on many occasions to bring exclusive Skins to Prime (Twitch) Gaming subscribers. Every month a new skin for a Legend is released for Prime members to claim for free for a limited time.

Respawn have already released an exclusive Prime skin for Valkyrie, called Punk Rocket, as seen below:

Valkyrie Apex Twitch Free Skin - Punk Rocker
Valkyrie Apex Twitch Free Skin – Punk Rocket

Apex Legends Exclusive Revenant Prime Twitch Skin –  Sakura Steel

There is a new skin you can now claim for Revenant if you have a Prime account called Sakura Steel, which is of Rare rarity. You can see a video showcasing the new skin below:

How to Claim the Sakura Steel Revenant Apex Skin for Free?

In order to claim your free Sakura Steel Skin for Revenant, you must make sure you have an Amazon Prime and EA account. You will need to link your EA account with your Prime account in order to claim your free rewards, but make sure you link the right account as you can only claim your exclusive skins once.

Once you have linked your accounts together, you will see the skins you are able to claim. At the time of writing, you can claim both the Revenant Sakura Steel Skin (pictured below) as well as the Valkyrie Punk Rocket Skin.

Apex Legends Revenant Sakura Steel Exclusive Prime Skin
Apex Legends Revenant Sakura Steel Exclusive Prime Skin

As with all Prime exclusive skins, there is a limited time in which you can claim it for free and with the Sakura Steel skin for Revenant, you have until the 12th July to claim it, until it will no longer be redeemable so make sure you claim it as soon as possible, before you forget!

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