New Apex Legends Leak Showcases Titanfall’s Kuben Blisk


in Apex Legends | Apr, 6th 2021

Apex Legends is considered to be one of the big three battle royale games. Standing its own ground next to Fortnite and Warzone, it’s no surprise that leaks for the game come out from time to time. With this new leak, it appears that Respawn is taking from the Titanfall lore with the supposed addition of series antagonist Kuben Blisk to Apex Legends.

For those unfamiliar with the Titanfall lore, Kuben Blisk is a supporting character in Titanfall and one of the two main antagonists of Titanfall 2. He plays a big part in Apex Legends’ lore, being the mastermind behind the creation of the Apex Games. It’s not entirely out of the question that Blisk could be added as a character, being the creator of the Games, as well as being a direct link back to Respawn’s Titanfall series.

One leaker, known as @Biast12, posted images and a video from what is supposed to be a test build of the game, showcasing the character’s abilities, which you can read below

Passive: Pilot Kit – The Pilot kit allows Blisk to hack into survey beacons like many of the recon characters, but the standout is Blisk’s ability to wall run.

Tactical: My Ring, My Rules – Blisk’s Tactical is to spawn a damaging zone like the ring around the arena, hurting players the same way as if they were not in the zone.

Ultimate: Standby for Titanfall – Blisk’s Ultimate brings back the titans in near full form from the series, allowing an autonomous titan to walk around the area and protect Blisk.

While not out of the question, the likelihood of Blisk being added to the Apex Games is still up for debate. After all, Respawn has already mentioned that Apex’s Season 9 character is hoping to find his audience in Japan. With that knowledge, Blisk being able to spawn a mech might fall in line with the Gundam crowd, but it’s still unlikely, although, his abilities do fit within the meta of the current game.

Being able to create damage zones like the ring fights right in with the Heat Shield’s introduction in Season 8. Having an item used to counter the ring already would help balance out Blisk’s ability to create mini rings inside the battlefield.

It’s certainly up for debate if we will be seeing Blisk in Season 9. However, it’s all but confirmed that Blisk will appear in some capacity by being tied to the Apex Legend’s lore so closely, so whether or not this leak is real, expect to see him sometime soon.

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