Mysterious Fortnite ‘Spy’ leak points to a new player in the story

A new Fortnite leak shows a skin or NPC with a logo that we’ve never seen before. What could it mean?

We’re well over halfway through Fortnite Season 2, and the plot is just starting to unfold. We saw news of a doomsday device coming to Fortnite along with the appearance of some strange bunkers surrounding The Agency.

Midas appears to be up to something, and we’re hoping it all leads to Chapter 2’s first season-ending event. We’re all eager to dissect the lore of Season 2 but need some clues before we can get started.

Fortnite data miner FortTory found a new character model in the game files that could inject a twist into what we know about Season 2.

It’s unclear whether this is a skin or if it will be an NPC. Arguably, it will be more interesting if it ends up being an NPC.

The skin is relatively generic, which is the reason some think it will be an NPC henchman. The logo on the arm of the character is what’s most interesting, however. We’ve never seen it before now.

Could there be a third faction in the mix? Are spies lurking under the surface, waiting for their time to strike? Will they take over one of the remaining POIs?

All of these are possibilities, but the leak is likely just another Fortnite skin. Still, the allegiance shown in the patch logo should not be ignored. Epic don’t place these things in Fortnite by accident.

There’s another group of characters in Fortnite Chapter 2 – outside of ALTER/EGO and Shadow/Ghost. We’ll have to wait and see how they factor into the lore.

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