Mysterious Fortnite Clock Update Sparks Speculation

A strange update to the Fortnite battle royale map has some fans thinking it could be a tease for something coming in the future.

Fortnite is a constantly-changing battle royale experience. Epic Games is regularly introducing new seasons to the game that incorporate different themes, add new skins, and dramatically change the layout of the map. There are often hints hidden around Fortnite‘s map about what fans can expect from future updates, and the latest clue about the game’s future could very well be found in a clock.

A large clock is located at Boney Burbs on the Fortnite battle royale map, with the clock having previously been featured at the popular Tilted Towers location. Fortnite dataminer Mang0e recently pointed out that the clock has been tweaked in the latest update. Now when Fortnite players stand next to the clock, they can hear a ticking sound that wasn’t there before, leading to some fan speculation that the clock could be teasing something for Fortnite‘s future.

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Some fans on Twitter have been speculating that the clock could be teasing the return of Tilted Towers. After all, the clock originated from Tilted Towers, and it was a popular location that fans have been asking to see return ever since it was removed from the game. Others seem to be making this suggestion sarcastically, however, and seem to think that this clock update is going to amount to nothing.

Others still think the clock will have some kind of role to play as Fortnite Season 6 plays out, but that remains to be seen. The current theme for Fortnite is Primal, and it’s unclear how this clock could play into that theme. Whatever the case may be, Fortnite fans can count on Epic Games planning some kind of big event to wrap up the season, but whether or not the clock is part of it is up for debate.

Those hoping for a return to the original Fortnite map shouldn’t hold their breath. It seems highly unlikely that Epic Games will be bringing back the original map, at least anytime soon. The closest fans may get is the new Fortnite skin that lets players dress in a suit with original map locations on it, unfortunately.

While the original Fortnite map may never return to the game, fans of the popular battle royale can spend their time scouring the current map for potential clues as to what the inevitable Fortnite Season 7 will have in store. The game’s persistent popularity ensures that Fortnite will remain regularly updated for years to come, so there should be plenty for fans to look forward to in the future.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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