More Fortnite Dinosaur Leaks Spark Jurassic Park Speculation

With prominent Fortnite leakers claiming that dinosaurs are coming to the game as part of Season 6, there’s speculation of a Jurassic Park crossover.

With Fortnite Season 6 being dubbed Primal and incorporating a wildlife theme, with weapon crafting and wild animals that can be tamed, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that dinosaurs will be implemented in some form. In fact, there’s already evidence of this courtesy of a prominent Fortnite dataminer and that same dataminer may have unearthed further proof.

Following the discovery of egg assets that are already in the game and believed to be dinosaur eggs by players, FortTory on Twitter shared strings they discovered that specifically reference raptors. If the info is accurate, then they will act as hostile enemies, capable of taking out players.

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Another reliable dataminer, iFireMonkey, shared additional details about the raptors, namely that they will spawn in the Forest area and will attack on sight, just like wolves and boars. Fortunately, they will apparently be tamable as well, meaning players can take them as allies on the battlefield and ride them around the map.

While nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games itself, there are already other hints pointing towards the inclusion of dinosaurs. A couple of the unlockable skins in the Season 6 Battle Pass feature dinosaur bones and Epic itself may have teased it on its website. In a blog post sharing Season 6 tips, it advises players stay away from the eggs, which can bring to mind a protective mother dino attacking any players that get to close. It doesn’t necessarily allude to dinosaurs specifically, but the only in-game animal that can lay eggs is the chicken, which doesn’t attack players at all, unless Epic is planning on changing that and making them as savage as the Cuccoos in The Legend of Zelda can be.

With all this dinosaur talk and Fortnite‘s love of crossovers, some, such as Dexerto, are speculating that this is building up to a Jurassic Park crossover. Or, more specifically, Jurassic World given the only dinosaur leaked so far has been the raptor and raptors played an integral role in Jurassic World. A crossover wouldn’t be too surprising given the amount of beloved movie franchises already present (Season 5 alone added AlienPredator, and Terminator).

However, none of the leaks so far have any direct references to the Jurassic Park franchise itself. It’s just as likely that dinosaurs are only being included because of the current theme or because of the Tomb Raider crossover. Lara Croft herself has famously fought dinosaurs before, with a T. Rex appearing as a boss fight in multiple games.

Fortnite is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Dexerto

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