More details about the leaked Fortnite Season 2 event revealed

More details about the upcoming Fortnite ‘Jerky’ event have been revealed.

Yesterday, we saw the first mention of a new Fortnite event that could close out Season 2. The event is called ‘Jerky’ in the game files, but Epic and fans will undoubtedly rename it when it goes live.

Data miner @Lucas7Yoshi was the first one to bring this event to our attention. According to him, this event will be using the same playlist that Epic used for The End event and the Marshmello concert.

Later in the evening, @iFireMonkey chimed in with some more information. ‘Jerky’ is the playlist name, which means that the event could be called something completely different.

The event will reportedly involve a “distant object” with a looping sound file. The files that relate to the sound and the object are “either encrypted or not in the files,” according to iFireMonkey.

A follow-up tweet from iFireMonkey said that he spawned in Sweaty Sands when he loaded into the event, but this could be a placeholder. Most of the in-game signs point to The Agency or Salty Springs – somewhere in the middle of the map.

Of course, we also have the POI change of The Shark. This could be significant when it comes to a season-ending event.

We still have a ton of questions, and more will likely be revealed in the upcoming v12.41 and v12.50 patches. As always, we’ll keep you updated with all of the information we have.

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