Mobile Leak Reveals Among Us-Style Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile appears to be looking to capitalize on the Among Us craze with a new leak revealing a mode that closely resembles the gameplay experience of the party game. The leak is said to have come from the Chinese version of Call of Duty: Mobile and consists of something called a “Werewolf” mode where players again have to figure out which of the people in the lobby isn’t who they claim to be. It’s unclear at this time whether or not the mode will make its way to other regions.

The YouTuber who goes by Zenix shared the first video of the Werewolf mode gameplay to show what it looks like when Call of Duty: Mobile players are trying to figure out who the “Imposter” is. While it of course can’t replicate the exact experience from Among Us, we see some similar elements at play in this Call of Duty: Mobile mode where players are tasked with gathering resources and completing different objectives.

One of the big differences between the two games appears to be that killing players isn’t limited to only the “Imposter,” an expected change in a Call of Duty version of the experience. Just like players do in Among Us, they’re able to vote together on who they think the suspicious player might be.

The gameplay above is the best example of the mode that we’ve seen so far, but it’s again unclear if it’ll be released globally or if it’ll just be limited to certain regions.

Regardless of where this mode ends up, it’s not the first time that we’ve seen another game try its own interpretation of the Among Us formula and it won’t be the last. Fortnite, for example, added a mode late last year called “The Spy Within” that tasked players with following what was essentially a Fortnite version of Among Us.

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