Metroid’s Samus Trends On Twitter Over Potential Fortnite Crossover

A rumor that’s been whizzing around Twitter says that Samus from the Metroid series might be stepping up to fight in Fortnite Season 5.

The hunter and killer of both men and Metroids, Samus Aran, has been trending on Twitter recently due to a rumored crossover with Fortnite. Including the protagonist from every mainline Metroid game in Fortnite would be a big step for Nintendo, as its caution when dealing with its own IP is well-known, but Samus would make a great addition to the Fortnite cast if Nintendo wants to get its foot in the door of one of the world’s biggest games. She easily has the gall to stand up to most of the game’s other fighters.

She would also work well in Fortnite Season 5’s theme, which has put Fortnite on the lookout for bounty hunters. After the final event in Fortnite Season 4, Chapter 2 which saw the world-eating Galactus being sent to another dimension, the “Zero Point” has been exposed allowing Agent Jones to travel across realities. This has resulted in Fortnite Season 5 promising players that they will be able to “join the greatest hunters from across realities“. Already the Mandalorian’s bounty hunter, Din Djarin, has been revealed as a new skin with baby Yoda, as always, along for the ride. There is also a rumor that Kratos from the God Of War series will be another third-party character jumping into Battle Island as an additional skin in Season 5.

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Speculation surrounding Samus appearing in Fortnite has started doing the rounds as both Microsoft and Nintendo have yet to lend a character to the game, and Fortnite has always been pro-cross-play. Nintendolife has reported that several tweets predict that Samus will be the next bounty hunter to be revealed, starting with Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller’s Game Awards prediction. The other tweets go along the same line, linking the theme of bounty hunters and alternate realities with Nintendo’s ex-soldier Samus.

This is certainly a good opportunity for Nintendo to promote its Metroid series and the (far distant) future release of Metroid 4 whose development was started from scratch at the beginning of 2019. A recent rumor has cropped up stating that both a Super Metroid remake and an HD Metroid Prime Trilogy will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, with the Metroid Prime Trilogy releasing in the fiscal year of 2020/21 and the Super Metroid remake releasing in the fiscal year 2021/22. The rumor is further propagated by the reasoning that the last Metroid game released was in 2017, and Nintendo wants to release a game as a run-up to Metroid 4.

Samus hopping into Fortnite would likely mean the sale of more Metroid games, which will, in turn, help Metroid Prime 4 sales when it does eventually come out. Although it is still only speculation, Samus would make an excellent addition to the Battle Island team of fighters, as she has proven herself capable of keeping up with superheroes and hunters alike.

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Source: Nintendolife

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