Mermaid Halo 2020 answers: How to win the Mermaid Halo in Royale High?

Royale High is popular a high school themed hangout game on the online gaming service, Roblox. Developed by callmehbob, the game is set in a magical realm for fairies, mermaids, and other such creatures.

The game also features Halos, which are rare wearable accessories. Players can obtain these from the fountain which is situated in the Divinia Park. Once a user gets a halo from the fountain, it also rewards them with a badge corresponding to the Halo, however, it doesn’t show up on the user’s profile. Most of these accessories are not customizable, although there are few that come in certain colours option or patterns that are applied from other items using the “Color All” feature.

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How to get the Mermaid Halo?

There is a new Halo in the game which came out just a few days ago. It is called Mermaid Halo 2020 and is still up for grabs. To win the Mermaid Halo, players will need to answer all the questions that are part of the Royale High investigation.

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Mermaid Halo 2020 answers

You wake up to see the summer sun blaring on you through your open window. The curtains blow wildly as you try to take a quick nap. Suddenly, you hear a knock on your window frame. Your eyes shoot open and you swiftly turn to look at the window, where you see two water nymphs. One has pink eyes, a pink flower crown, and blonde hair. The other has black hair with a vibrant blue lily flower crown and matching eyes. You shake your head in disbelief muttering, “You guys are nymphs?” The blonde one speaks up, “On behalf of the Queen of Nymphes d’eau et Sirenes, we have come to ask for your help.” The black haired nymph hands over a partially wet scroll that says, “If you decide to help us, we shall you for your good deeds to our people.” What do you decide?

  • A) You decline their offer?
  • B) You graciously accept their offer
  • C) You tell them that you can help them after you freshen up
  • D) You call your phone and call the authorities

Answer: You graciously accept their offer

After making your wish at the fountain, you return to the annual summer carnival held at the Divinia Park and take in the bright neon lights and scent of the churros that wafts through your nose. You look down at your prize from the ring toss game earlier, a colouring book, and open it up to explore its contents. All the pages depict summer scenes and you decide to take a break from carnival rides to colour a page at a nearby bench. Much to your surprise, your colouring book is enchanted with fairy magic. Whatever page you colour, you will be transported to the destination on the page. You then pick up your crayons in anticipation. What page design do you colour?

  • A) A mermaid in the sea
  • B) A sandy beach
  • C) A summer boardwalk
  • D) A waterpark

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Answer: A sandy beach

After you make your wish, you look around the park and suddenly see a smiling Butler Adam nearby. You shout to him, “Hi, Butler Adam!” He suddenly frowns as you put your hand on your mouth and think of what you could have said wrong. You walk up to him and ask to which he replies, “Every just thinks of me as a Butler, but really I am a Mixologist!” You pause and remember when you first saw him in the Royale High Ballroom as a Mixologist. Adam says, “I am going to make people remember my origins by setting up this smoothie bar right here in Divinia Park! It is summer of course which means it is smoothie season! You can be my first customer. What would you like to drink?

  • A) Troipical fruit
  • B) Mixed Berry
  • C) Mango
  • D) Strawberry Banana

Answer: Mango.

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