Marvel Nexus War Is the Best Fortnite Season Yet

Fortnite’s latest season, Marvel: Nexus War, is rapidly approaching a conclusion, bringing to a close one of Marvel’s best gaming experiences.

Fortnite’s Marvel Nexus War season is slated to end on the 30th of November. Much like the espionage filled season blow-out last time, it has featured massive overhauls of the landscape and playstyle this time. Changing things for the better and serving fans in a way that makes this season’s Marvel theme the best one that Epic Games has done yet.

Marvel is one of the most popular brands on the planet right now. Children and adults alike are engaged like never before, so it only makes sense for Fortnite to have a massive Marvel crossover. However, this season Epic Games has gone above and beyond with radical and overwhelmingly positive additions. Ones that not only serve the gameplay but the fandom of the films/comics as well.

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One of the most striking examples is the complete overhaul of the map. Huge sections have been radically altered and affected. The biggest of which in scope and concept is the addition of a huge circular chunk of the map raised out of the ground. Dubbed ‘’Upstate New York,’’ it adds not only the lake house home of Tony Stark but his Stark Industries as a location as well. That area houses a massive hangar and office building, holding many Iron Man suits and Stark tech, all patrolled by a squad of murderous Stark robots equipped with laser rifles and a hostile disposition.

On top of this, Tony Stark himself is patrolling the area in his classic Iron Man suit as an, at first, neutral NPC. He can not only be attacked but proves a worthy adversary, using his Repulsor beams and chest-mounted Unibeam. However, if beaten, he produces a keycard (much like the spy hero characters did last season) to an otherwise impenetrable vault containing a plethora of high rarity weapons, making this a hot spot for players.

Another massive standout is the ‘’Doom’s Domain’’ area. Similarly housing another vault under a false soccer field, it’s a more suburban area, albeit one that includes a massive castle that is home to none other than Doctor Doom. Players can venture to take down Doom to get access not only to his vault but also to his powers in the form of drops.

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Other areas of note are a giant dog house and tennis balls in a nod to the powers of Ant-Man, mountain-based rune stones nodding to Thor, and a giant Black Panther statue that has become a monument to the late Chadwick Boseman.

The unlockables found in the 100-level battle pass are no slouch either. It offers Thor right off the bat and includes a varied roster of She-Hulk, Storm, Mystique, Groot, Doctor Doom and Tony Stark. Wolverine is also available through special challenges that were unlocked over time.

These unlocked characters also include ‘’Awakening Challenges’’ that can be completed to give the characters a specific and unique emote. These include a Jennifer Walters transformation into She-Hulk in real-time, or Tony Stark materializing his Iron Man suit from the nanobot ether. A particular standout is Mystique’s unlockable ability to use her powers and mimic the appearance of the last player she killed, a surprising and incredibly fun addition.

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A handful of characters can also unlock some fun alternate costumes through another set of weekly challenges. Players can unlock some fairly fun looks with nods to the comics, like Doctor Doom’s God Emperor golden armor or Storm’s 80’s mohawk leather ensemble.

Once a player reaches the end of the battle pass, this season has much more still to unlock. This season features multiple tiers of alternate skins that turn the default unlock costumes into shiny silver, gold and then holographic variants. Iconic powers are available, as well. If players can best Iron Man and Doctor Doom in combat, they will pick up two of their abilities via drops. Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets and Unibeam, and Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets and Mystical Bomb. These allow the player to wield significant firepower and movement capabilities, making them highly sought after items. Introducing a high risk/reward element to matches for each player or team.

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Various other powers can be found in the form of drops from Quinjet patrols, which land in random locations when a match begins. Although surrounded by Stark robots, they feature drones that can hold Storm’s Whirlwind ability or Black Panther’s Adaptive Armor.

Another secret surprise that can be found is a patrolling Wolverine in the Weeping Woods area. Players can engage Wolverine in a tough battle for his Adamantium claws drop, but he’s no pushover. The battle features Logan’s trademark healing abilities and can all too often prove a win for the vicious canuck.

Ultimately, the Marvel crossover proves that the comic-book and movie juggernaut is still as popular as ever. Creating a season so full of attention to detail only further endears these characters and their world to players. Epic Games did justice to this massive crossover with its challenges and unlockables while simultaneously making sure it all worked in the world of Fortnite. What more can a Marvel fan ask for?

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