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Despite the out-of-this-world theme for Fortnite Season 7, there are many issues with the game that the Fortnite community wants Epic Games to address. While none of them are game-breaking in nature, fine-tuning is required to smoothen out the experience as the season progresses.

On a tweet posted by ThisIsITalk, numerous Fortnite players spoke about aspects of the game that can be made better. While it goes without saying that none of these aspects affect the mechanics of the game, players do want them to be addressed and looked into.

Things in Fortnite Season 7 that the Fortnite community wants Epic Games to look into

Character skin rework

While Rick Sanchez is indeed a very cool skin to be added in-game, a player pointed out that the shading material used on the skin is awful compared to others. While this does not cause any in-game issues, it does affect how good the skin looks.

In addition to Rick, numerous players felt that Epic Games had not done justice to Dr. Slone’s skin in-game. Although the character looks amazing in Fortnite Season 7, the rendering is lacking in a few areas in-game.

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UFO nerf

Despite the recent UFO nerf that reduced its area of effect, the vehicle is still proving to be a menace in-game. With the ability to fire almost one shot every second, the nerf has done little to help.

Players are suggesting that a longer cooldown time is needed for the Fortnite UFO. Hopefully, this will stop players from spamming UFOs in-game for a Victory Royale.

More content creator Icon series skins

It’s somewhat true that Epic Games has been focusing on Icon series skins for a while now. Despite content creators getting their skins in-game, the ratio is not in their favor.

While some players feel that content creators deserve to be in-game over celebrities, others justify Epic’s approach stating that the Icon series was never limited to just Fortnite content creators. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that players are eager for more content creators to be added in-game.

Map changes

Despite the map changes implemented in Fortnite Season 7, fans feel that nothing has significantly changed. One user made a side-by-side comparison of the map from the beginning of Chapter 2 till now. It’s clear to see that no major changes have taken place.

Another player mentioned the fact that the center of the map at the moment is just a massive crater, while the outskirts remain largely untouched.

While Epic Games may have a lot more to add as Fortnite Season 7 progresses if the storyline doesn’t call those for those changes, the map will more than likely remain the same until the season ends.

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Battle Pass system and Gold Bars

According to a few players, while the Battle Pass system revamp is good, the illusion of choice persists. This is because players need to level up to unlock items using Battle Stars.

While the entire system feels a lot more interactive, the core mechanics are largely the same. One user quoted: “It’s a false sense of control.”

In addition to the Battle Pass system issue, the current Gold system in-game is largely imbalanced. The cost of upgrading weapons has become ludicrous. For example: upgrading from Grey to Green costs 200 gold bars in Fortnite Season 7, as compared to last season when it was a mere 25 gold bars.

The problem runs much deeper than just the cost. At the moment, the reward for upgrading a weapon is less than what players would spend on upgrading it. In essence, rather than gaining gold bars, players will be losing it.

In addition to this, given that one of the milestones in Fortnite Season 7 involves upgrading 100 weapons; given the cost, it would take players a ridiculous amount of time to collect that much gold. Hopefully for fans, the developers will look into this issue sooner rather than later.

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