List of all changes so far in Season 7

With the stakes out of this world in Fortnite Competitive, developers have taken a no-nonsense stance regarding items and mechanics allowed in the proper Competitive scene.

Despite the fresh new aspects of the season, many things are not boding well during competitive games, owing to which barely over a week into the new season and the developers have introduced some major changes.

It goes without saying that by the time this month draws to an end, the list of changes would have increased as well. Nonetheless, for the time being, these are the current changes for Fortnite Competitive.

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Diving into some of the changes in Fortnite Competitive

1) Saying goodbye to the Primal Era and IO guards

All wildlife has been removed from Fortnite Competitive. While it may be sad to see the Primal era slip by, wildlife can still be found in normal matches.

Despite them serving no purpose in-game apart from food drops, the developer decided to let them stay in the game as of now. It’s left to be seen whether they will stay until the end of the season or perhaps be removed and replaced.

In addition to wildlife, IO Guards have lived a short life in the Competitive scene. Barely a week after being introduced into Fortnite Season 7, they have been unceremoniously removed.

It’s easy to understand why wildlife and IO Guards have been removed, as they could cause a nuisance during gameplay. The last thing players need to worry about is a stray bullet from an IO Guard getting a takedown.

2) IO weapons vaulted

Amongst the new IO weapons that were introduced in-game in Fortnite Season 7, two of them have already been vaulted into Fortnite Competitive. The developers decided to vault the Rail gun and Recon scanner.

The reasons are numerous. However, going by general feedback, the Rail gun is too powerful, while the Recon scanner would provide an unfair advantage to players who find it. Given that the weapon can mainly be found after searching supply chests at the IO base, it’s understandable why Epic Games vaulted them.

3) UFOs vaulted

While the IO weapons, wildlife, and guards were vaulted a week later, flying Saucers, aka Fortnite UFOs, were removed barely three days into Fortnite Season 7, citing server performance issues.

In conjunction with the above-mentioned reason, due to their high rate of fire, damage per second, and multifunctional tractor beam, players could potentially create chaos and ruin the skill-based session. Therefore, while some players wanted it to be nerfed, the developers decided to remove it.

4) Community feedback

Prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR thinks that splitting loot pools is a good idea. It gives casual players the ability to enjoy the session without being limited in weapon choice. However, Fortnite Competitive players can enjoy a more balanced loot pool that requires skills to make it work.

On a side note, though, Fortnite UFOs are also nerfed in Battle Royale mode. However, the nerfs have done little to nothing in actuality, as UFOs can still spam out laser blasts.

On the flip side, many players feel that with this many things being removed from Fortnite Competitive, Epic Games might remove everything from the new season as vaulting new mechanics and aspects is a no-brainer.

Despite the debate raging on, these changes will not revert anytime soon. As long as the Fortnite Competitive scene is happy with these adjustments, there should be no problem for the foreseeable future.

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