Letshe’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Kevin “Letshe” Fedjuschkin is a professional Fortnite player from Germany.

Like most controller players, Letshe was introduced to the game on console. He kept up with mouse and keyboard players while competing in small online tournaments, however, which led him to invest in a gaming PC so he could finally get on the highest stage of Fortnite.

Letshe placed 32nd at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. After his accomplishment, his popularity rose drastically and he started averaging above 4,000 viewers every time he streamed on Twitch. His calm and collected personality allows him to especially shine in high-pressure moments, where most Fortnite players fail to deliver due to stress.

It feels like he has gone through every possible scenario that can happen in a match, and he’s always prepared for what’s about to happen. This can be achieved through training regularly. Being comfortable with your settings will be vital while developing muscle memory.

Considering most professional players spend hours optimizing their settings, it can be a good idea to use Letshe’s settings as an inspiration for your own.

Letshe’s general controller settings

Most sensitivity settings are based on personal preferences. Though your settings will vary based on your setup, veteran players usually prefer keeping their sensitivities high due to how chaotic Fortnite can get. In the heat of the moment, you won’t have time to adjust your aim carefully and you’ll need to cover a lot more ground.

Regardless of your sensitivity setting, keeping your deadzone levels on the lower end of the spectrum will give you the best advantage by adjusting how sensitive your movement sticks will be. Turning them up will increase how much you’ll need to move them to initiate new movement commands, which can be a drawback. Setting them too low can also cause a drifting issue, meaning you should find the perfect balance between five and 10 percent.

You’ll also want to keep your Aim Assist Strength at 100 percent at all times since it’s the deadliest weapon of any controller player. Learning how to abuse it will allow you to be one step ahead of others in your lobby.

Build Mode Sensitivity 1.6x Edit Mode Sensitivity 1.6x
Input Curve Exponential Confirm Edit on Release Off
Look H. Speed 52 percent Look V. Speed 56 percent
Turn H. Boost Zero percent Turn V. Boost Zero percent
ADS Look H. Speed Nine percent ADS Look V. Speed Nine percent
ADS Turn H. Boost Zero percent ADS Turn V. Boost Zero percent
Turn Boost Time Zero ADS Turn Boost Time 0.00
Instant Boost Off Dampening Time 0.00
Edit Hold Time 0.250 Move Stick Deadzone 10 percent
Look Stick Deadzone Six percent Aim Assist Strength 100 percent
Sprint By Default On

Letshe’s controller combat settings

Builder Pro is generally assumed as the best controller layout. It increases controller players’ overall building speed, letting them go head-to-head with mouse and keyboard players.

Letshe’s layout is also a Builder Pro variation that includes his own customizations. Even if you don’t find his layout controller, you should try sticking to Builder Pro in the long run and adapt your building with it.

LT Aim Down Sights LB Previous Weapon
RT Attack / Confirm RB Next Weapon
D-Pad Up Edit D-Pad Left Toggle Pickaxe
D-Pad Right Place Marker D-Pad Down Emote
Y Crouch X Reload / Interact
B Switch Mode A (Paddle) Jump
L3 Sprint / Auto Sprint R3 Crouch / Repair
View Button Map Menu Button Game Menu

Letshe’s controller building settings

LT Stair Piece LB Roof Piece
RT Wall Piece RB Floor Piece
D-Pad Up Edit D-Pad Left Toggle Pickaxe
D-Pad Right Change Mats / Trap D-Pad Down Emote / Replay
Y Crouch X Trap / Interact
B Switch Mode A Jump
L3 Inventory R3 Rotate / Repair / Trap
View Button Map Menu Button Game Menu

Letshe’s controller editing settings

LT Unbound LB Unbound
RT Select RB Unbound
D-Pad Up Unbound D-Pad Left Toggle Pickaxe
D-Pad Right Squad Comms D-Pad Down Emote / Replay
Y Crouch X Unbound
B Confirm A Jump
L3 Inventory R3 Reset
View Button Map Menu Button Game Menu

Letshe’s video settings

The overall customization options are fairly limited on consoles. PC players have more freedom when it comes to adjusting how their game looks, and professional players use this freedom to gain more frames.

Higher frame rates allow players to use their monitors with 144Hz and above refresh rates to their full potential. Letshe turns everything down in terms of graphics and stretches his resolution by setting it to “1798 x 1080.”

A stretched resolution also enlarges the in-game models, making them easier to shoot and track. While your game may look slightly worse, the competitive advantage will be well worth the trade-off.

Display Mode Fullscreen Resolution 1798×1080
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited Brightness 100 percent
Quality Presets Custom 3D Resolution 100 Percent
Interface Contrast 1x Color Blind Mode Off
Color Blind Strength Off View Distance Near
Shadows Off Anti-Aliasing Off
Textures Low Effects Low
Post Processing Low V-Sync Off
Motion Blur Off Allow Multithreaded Rendering On

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