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Apex Legends’ Chaos Theory event put Caustic in the driver’s seat, but what about the possibility of an Apex Legends War Games event in the future?

With leakers suggesting that this is what’s in-store for Respawn’s battle royale next month, we’re taking a look at everything we know so far.

“War Games” Title

Although the next Apex Legends event being called “War Games” doesn’t sound too outrageous, what does it actually mean?

Well, this is all up to speculation really. It follows on from the Caustic-themed Chaos Theory event so we’re guessing that will play a big part in it.

What might be interesting is a Civil War-type scenario where the Apex Legends roster is split by a divisive issue. Caustic’s plans for King’s Canyon could be a perfect catalyst to lead to a wider disagreement amongst the characters.

Apex Legends War Games Event Training Area Button
BUTTONS – What will this button in the Training Area unlock? ( Credit: Shrugtal )

Furthermore, Rainbow Six Siege has recently embarked on a similar narrative branch and it’s proving immensely popular with fans. So, why wouldn’t Apex Legends give it a go?

Alternatively, it could mean an actual games theme is coming to the event. Although we don’t think Apex Legends is going to delve into the world of crossovers quite so drastically as Fortnite, could we see some crossovers with other video games coming?

Or maybe, a more generic video game theming is more appropriate. Either way, only time will tell on what this all means.

Release Date?

Looking at the previous dates of Apex’s in-game events, we can make a semi-educated guess at when to expect the War Games event.

The Chaos Theory event is due to run on until March 27th, 2021, and there is speculation that the War Games will kick off a couple of weeks after, around April 13th, 2021.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt but given the time difference between Apex’s Anniversary event and the Chaos Theory event, we could see Respawn try to keep this higher pace up for in-game events going forward.

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We’re sure the fans won’t have any issues with that!

Possible Skins?

Even though the Chaos Theory event has just kicked off, notable leaker Shrugtal has been speculating about what’s in store for the War Games event in the future and he’s shared a few skins that could be appearing.

Mirage could be joining Fuse with the pirate-themed skin: Swish-Buckler.

In addition to this, Gibraltar could be getting a cosmetic appearance that better-reflects the cultural heritage behind his character.

In his thread, Shrugtal also mentions skins for Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and promises to reveal more of what he thinks is on the way soon.

Although these skins don’t give too much away, could we see another event-limited skin set that takes its inspiration from the past as opposed to the “what could be” of the future?

Is A New Legend Coming?

Apex Legends’ Season 8 added Fuse to Respawn’s roster of champions, but could another character be on the way in the next major event?

From what we know about the Apex Legends Season 8 Battle Pass, it’s due to end on May 3rd, 2021.

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If you combine this with the fact that the War Games event is rumoured to end around the end of April… Could this be building up to the reveal of a new character?

In his thread on the upcoming Apex Legends event, Shrugtal also uncovered something which hints at a new character: Seer.

Apex Legends’ in-game events are often grounded in developing the lore of the game’s universe and using the War Games event to introduce a new character wouldn’t be the most outrageous thing we’ve ever heard of.

Ground Emotes?

You might have missed it, but in the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer that came out semi-recently, there were signs that suggested Ground Emotes were coming.

Now, a data-miner has found more information to suggest that this is true!

You can check out some of what he found below:

Although we’re not sure when these will show up, they could well be introduced through the War Games event that’s on the way to Apex Legends.

Limited-Time Mode & More

Like with any Apex Legends event, we expect there to be a few extra things in-store.

A new set of event-limited challenges and rewards seems like a given, but what about map changes and limited-time game modes?

These often prove popular with fans and help to keep the title fresh in-between major changes. We’re not sure what could show up, but there’s always something in the works at Respawn Entertainment.

Notable data-miner Biast12 has found something though which would suggest a series of smaller limited-time game modes are coming during the War Games event.

In addition to the above, he also suggests that Armour Regen, Armed Drop, and Flare Up are all in the works.

Whether these will all make it to the game or not is another question but clearly Respawn Entertainment have a lot in mind on how they can spice up the standard Apex Legends gameplay.

At the moment, everything we’ve been talking about above is based on leaks and speculation.

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As soon as anything legitimate is revealed, we will update this page so keep it bookmarked! Also, keep an eye on Respawn Entertainment’s social media channels and their Apex Legends Twitter account for the latest updates from the development team.

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