Leaked skins and cosmetics from Fortnite v12.30 update

Fortnite’s v12.30 update is now live, bringing with it the new Kingsman umbrella and Crash Pad items, and as always, that means data miners have discovered a number of new cosmetic items including skins, gliders, pickaxes and more.

As always, Fortnite fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the v12.30 update, and now have two new items to use when searching for victory royales that bring surprising new elements to the game that should help make fall damage a thing of the past.

Of course, fans are possibly even more excited for the release of new cosmetics, allowing players to create unique looks for their characters. As with any major update, Epic Games have added a host of new skins that will be released in the in-game item shop over the next few weeks.

With data miners sifting through the files for clues as to what is coming next in the game, reliable leaker Lucas7Yoshi has uncovered some new skins, although there is no word on when these will be added to the game.

Leaked Fortnite v12.30 Update skins

Leaked Fortnite v12.30 wraps

There are also some new wraps for your weapons, including one called Chocolatey which could be part of an Easter-themed set, along with three new music tracks that you can enjoy while in the game’s menus.

Leaked Fortnite v12.30 gliders and pickaxes

There are also two new gliders, one which appears to change based on the skin you’re using, along with a bubble wrap parachute, and three harvesting tools that can be used to gather materials.

Leaked Fortnite v12.30 Backblings

Only three backblings this week, but the “Hit me!” target practice is sure to be a hit, while there’s also a special Easter Egg for those who want to celebrate the holiday. There’s also a new look for the Battle Bus on the way, likely to tie in with the on-going Deadpool event.

These leaked cosmetics should be added to the game officially soon, either through the item shop or as challenge rewards.

However, some leaked content in the past has taken quite some time to actually be available, so there are no guarantees about when these skins and cosmetics will arrive in Season 2.

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