Leaked skins and cosmetic items from Fortnite 14.50 patch

Fortnite’s v14.50 patch is here, and on top of the return of Jetpacks and some next-gen preparations, we’ve also got a bunch of leaked skins and cosmetics to take a peak at.

It’s been two weeks since the release of the 14.40 Fortnitemares patch, so it’s no surprise that Epic Games have dropped a new update as they prepare to release the game on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

With this patch, Epic state that the game will load faster on the next-gen consoles than ever before, and also provide graphical changes that should make gameplay smoother than we’ve seen on any of the last-gen devices.

On top of that, Tony Stark has released a “new and improved” Jetpack for players to zoom around on. Of course, no Fortnite patch is complete without leaked cosmetics though, and this week is no different.

Jetpacks are back in the v14.50 Update.

As is tradition after a new Fortnite patch, dataminers have been sifting through the files to catch a glimpse at what will be added to the store over the next few weeks, and we can take a look courtesy of leaker iFireMonkey.

Leaked 14.50 Skins

There are 15 skins included in the files for this week, including some classic skins like Jonesy and Vanguard who appear to be getting new models to mark their move to next-gen consoles.

On top of that, The Joker and Poison Ivy from DC’s comic universe also get skins of their own, likely marking an upcoming crossover event, while Midas takes a robotic look with a new metal skin.

Leaked 14.50 Back Blings

There’s also some new Back Bling for players to enjoy, with Midas getting a new cape, and Joker getting a jack-in-the-box accessory than can be attached to his back.

Elsewhere, it appears that the Elevation Back Bling could be for a new PlayStation pack, with a triangle, circle and cross appearing on the side.

Leaked 14.50 Harvesting Tools

This week we get a look at the new Stuffie Smasher pickaxe, while the Throwback Axe which is free for those who redeem it in the next few weeks is also included.

Joker and Poison Ivy have named tools in this update, but there is unfortunately no images available.

More cosmetic items will be released by dataminers as the day goes on, so make sure to check back to Fortnite Intel as we continue to update this article.

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