Leaked poster points to a possible Travis Scott concert in Fortnite

The recently-leaked Fortnite event could be a concert rather than a seasonal conclusion.

We’ve seen a few Fortnite event leaks in the past couple of days, pointing to something happening around the Fortnite map. Naturally, we assumed that this had something to do with the end of the season.

We didn’t know much about the event other than the playlist’s codename: Jerky. We also found out that this was the playlist that Epic used for The End event and the Marshmello concert.

More information has been trickling in, including @iFireMonkey claiming that he was able to load into the event. According to him, the circle closed on Sweaty Sands.

Now, we have another clue that points to an event in the exact location that iFireMonkey predicted. There’s a poster that shows a musical note in a circle. That note falls directly on the dock of Sweaty Sands.

All of this points to a concert at Sweaty Sands, but not just any concert. A few weeks ago, we saw a Travis Scott skin get added and subsequently removed from the Fortnite game files.

It’s not a large leap to guess that Travis Scott will be hosting a concert in Sweaty Sands – just like Marshmello did at Pleasant Park.

The Marshmello concert was surprisingly entertaining and a Travis Scott concert would be as well. We may have to look elsewhere for a season-ending event, but at least we’ll be able to see Travis Scott during the quarantine.

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