“Leaked” Fortnite Season 3 map is almost certainly fake

Fortnite fans are eager to drop into Fortnite Season 3 after two seasons that combined for nearly six full months of the game. We’re not used to waiting so long for new content, so our minds are beginning to wander.

One “leak” promised a sneak peek of the Season 3 map. Naturally, it started gaining traction on Twitter. Some Fortnite players are willing to believe any Season 3 leak, at this point, whether or not it’s the real thing. After all, we have gotten more leaked information about Season 3 than nearly any other previous season of Fortnite.

Upon first glance, the map looks like it could be legitimate. Upon closer inspection, however, it begins to become clear that it probably isn’t. We’ve seen Fortnite data miners mess around and flood the map in the past. This could be a new version of that or, more likely, a Photoshop job.

We don’t know for a fact that this “leak” is fake but it certainly looks to be. Most of the highpoints around Dirty Docks are flooded while Dirty remains intact. In the distance, you can even see Sweaty Sands – a POI that would undoubtedly be underwater due to its oceanside positioning.

We have to mention Lucas7Yoshi’s Chapter 2 Season 1 map leaks, here, as most people thought that map was fake, as well. It turned out to be real, but it looked a lot more legitimate, from the start.

We’ll have to wait a week to know whether or not this leak is fake but, as the title states, it almost certainly is. Season 3 is only seven days away. We can wait for the real thing.

Update: Confirmed to be fake by the person who made it:

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