LEAKED!!! Audio Tape Uncovers Dark Hidden Truth about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard!!! Find out the Horrible & Shocking Truth about the ex-couple!!!

A tape has been unearthed which unveils the tortures faced by Johnny Depp by his wife Amber Heard before their divorce in 2016. Know how Amber faked domestic violence and blamed Johnny for torturing her but the truth speaks something else. Read out the blog post to know the truth!

Credits – Daily Mail

When Amber and Johnny got divorced?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got divorced in the year 2016.  Everyone had the information that Amber was being tortured by Johnny Depp.

But recently, an exclusive tape was unearthed on Daily Mail which reveals that the truth is something else.

Johnny Depp has finally uncovered the truth which was manipulated earlier. The truth is that it was Johnny Depp who was being tortured physically as well as mentally. The popular star is famous for his role in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  But due to the charges that Amber allegedly charged on him made him degrade his career and he had to suffer a lot for this.

But after the tape has been released which was from the therapy session of Amber and Johnny. In the tape, it was revealed that Amber hits as well as abuse Johnny Depp.

Now, we came to know the truth that Johnny has suffered a lot. It’s the time for his fans to support him now rather than leaving him in dismay.

Apart from this, Amber had once cut Johnny’s finger with a vodka bottle and he had to reattach his finger through surgery.

Credits- Daily Mail

Fans’ reaction to the tape:

All the fans are in tremendous shock after hearing the tape. Some of the fans have signed a petition that Amber Heard should be removed from Aquaman for which she is very famous.

Check out the following video to get a glimpse into the tape:

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