Lachlan Icon Series skin arrives November 12th

We’ve seen all the teasers and heard about the Lachlan pickaxe tournament; more details regarding the Lachlan bundle are here

Lachlan is soon to join the elite group of influencers to have a skin dedicated to themselves. While limited time celebrity crossovers featuring the likes of Travis Scott and Marshmello have come and gone, Lachlan is one of the even more exclusive group of Fortnite creators to become immortalized in Fortnite

Only two other Fortnite creators, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten, have made the front page of the item shop. Imane “Pokimane” Anys was featured once with an emote but never received an exclusive skin pack

The previous Icon Series bundles were priced at 2,300 Vbucks — or roughly US$20. Players can optionally buy just the skin for 1,500 Vbucks if they don’t fancy the harvesting tool and pickaxe

While the set is slated for release next week, Lachlan has already posted in-game footage of himself repping the Lachlan skin. Take a peek for yourself:

It seems as though the Fortnite graphics team absolutely nailed the facial accuracy of Lachlan. After some players previously complained about this issue with Loserfruit’s skin — specifically her face lacking detail — there won’t be a problem this time around

How to get the Lachlan bundle free

To celebrate the skin bundle drop, Lachlan announced an exclusive “pickaxe tournament” in collaboration with Epic Games

Event details:

  • As the name suggests, the only weapon you’ll be able to use is a pickaxe

  • Maximum build capacity is 10 of each material.

  • No healing / passive items – eliminating opponents will regenerate health

  • Utility items (shockwaves, fished garbage cans, etc.) are enabled

Event starts on Sunday, 4PM local time. Make sure to check the compete tab where the event start time will reflect your exact time zone. Players will have two hours to complete up to 10 games

Full event rules, including scoring, can be found here


You will receive a Lachlan skin bundle if you manage to land your trio towards the top of the leaderboard. Top 1100 teams in Europe, 700 in NA-East, 300 NA-West & Brazil, and 150 in all other regions will receive the bundle

Best of luck to everyone competing and congratulations to Lachlan for this epic partnership (pun intended). Follow us on Twitter for more updates

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