Kendrick Perkins Calls Out His Own Kids For Charging $16K To His Credit Card for Fortnite Skins (VIDEO)

Kendrick Perkins is not a fan of Fortnite, not because he actually played the game or anything, but because it cost him a lot of money without his knowledge.

The former NBA player stated he has no interest in the NBA’s players-only video game tournament after he found out his children racked up a $16,000 credit card bill on Fortnite:

“I hate video games. My kids drive me crazy with it. I do not indulge, they drive me crazy. My household is nothing but Fortnite, NBA 2K. It just drives me crazy. Quick story: I get my credit card bill back, I got to the store, my credit card is declined. Come to find out, my kids spent $16,000 worth of Fortnite bills on my credit card. Ever since then I’m cool on Fortnite, I do not indulge in video games.”

Cassidy Hubbarth was so shocked that she had to ask him “how much” again.

“Sixteen thousand dollars,” said Perkins in response. “And it was buying skins every day, whatever that is. I had to dispute the charge and I was like you know what? forget this video game stuff. So they don’t even talk to me about it.”

The NBA analyst then called out the popular game for “tricking you” due to being free to play but offering so many customizable options worth real money.

It’s not just fortnite that does this, but parents should be more aware and learn from the $16K bill Perkins got.

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