It Looks Like Leaked Fortnite Splinter Bow Isn’t Coming This Season After All

Although Epic added the Splinter Bow to Fortnite earlier this season, it is nowhere to be seen, and time may be running out as Season 6 wraps up.

Over the years, Fortnite has become loaded with weapons. And thanks to its rather cartoony stylistic flair, it has been able to include some more unconventional ones in addition to the typical assault rifles and pistols, like the Boogie Bomb, Recycler, and more. In Chapter 2 Season 6, Fortnite added new bows to the game, also giving players the ability to craft the Mechanical Shockwave Bow, Mechanical Explosive Bow, Primal Stink Bow, and Primal Flame Bow.

These new bows have been in the game for the entirety of Season 6, along with other new Primal and Makeshift weapons. However, other bows have appeared in Fortnite throughout the season, such as the Grappler Bow and the Unstable Bow. But interestingly, fans have noticed that the mysterious Splinter Bow found within the game’s code has yet to be enabled in-game, and there isn’t much time left.

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Upon its release in April, fans and dataminers discovered that Fortnite‘s v16.20 update added the Splinter Bow along with the Grappler Bow; however, the former has yet to appear in the game at all. Since Epic Games’ official Fortnite site states that Chapter 2 Season 6 is set to end on June 7, fans have deemed it incredibly unlikely that the Splinter Bow will appear soon, at least within Season 6.

Nothing has been officially revealed about Fortnite‘s Splinter Bow, aside from datamines revealing its name, appearance, and stats. The bow looks like it would have been an Epic rarity, capable of dealing 100 damage to opponents along with a 1.3-second reload time and a 2.5x headshot multiplier. Like the Grappler Bow, the Splinter Bow would have used regular Arrows as ammunition. While the bow largely remains a mystery at the moment, fans speculate that it could have possibly fired arrows that split off into multiple shots for a wider range of damage, acting as a sort of scattershot.

While Epic Games may have abandoned the Splinter Bow for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, fans have not forgotten, with many making posts on social media expressing confusion about its exclusion in the game. Although many also expected the Splinter Bow to appear in Fortnite‘s v16.30 update, the Unstable Bow was added instead, which fires random types of arrows with each shot.

As Season 6 begins wrapping up, speculation is underway about a new alien or space theme for Chapter 2 Season 7. Just last night, Fortnite players noticed the new addition of UFOs, which seem to randomly abduct players, taking them to a different location on the map. It looks like Season 7 may contrast greatly from the game’s current Primal theme, but only time may tell.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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