Is the Travis Scott Fortnite Skin returning in Season 7?

Travis Scott Fortnite skin’s return is something that loopers have been wanting. With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, Epic Games have radically changed the Fortnite narrative. This season, loopers saw Fortnite being invaded by aliens and a lot of new characters being included.

Even though the new season is here for players, Epic has still kept some cards close to its chest. For example, will The Foundation skin be coming to Fortnite, or what will be the role of Rick Sanchez?

This is pretty natural as the new season has just started and Epic Games wants to keep players engaged by dropping new content every now and then.

Cactus Jack, aka Travis Scott, aka “the king of collabs,” is already a part of Fortnite. He did the Astronomical event last year.

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Travis Scott Fortnite skin coming back to Season 7?

Last year’s Fortnite x Travis Scott in-game virtual concert was a huge hit that also allowed loopers to acquire the Travis Scott Fortnite skin from the shop, as well as get additional free goodies by performing certain challenges.

To everyone’s surprise, Epic took down the Travis Scott Fortnite skin from the Item Shop and it has never been seen again. This came as a disappointment to many loopers who wanted to add the skin to their collection. Fans have been theorizing that Epic Games removed the skin because they are preparing a later release for Travis Scott Fortnite skin.

Data miners have forever played a part in leaking upcoming events and skins in Fortnite. The latest reports suggest that Epic Games has recently added two reactive skins to the game files.

This is what HYPEX, on Twitter, has to say about these “reactive skins:”

According to the leaker, one of the encrypted skins lights up if the player uses musical emotes. The second skin has a Meta Tag which is exclusively added for cosmetic items associated with events or challenges.

What makes this interesting is that only two skins in Fortnite are reactive towards music. These are the Marshmello and Cactus Jack (Travis Scott) skins. So it could be that Epic might release the Marshmellow and Travis Scott Fortnite skin mid-season or towards the end.

There’s a Travis Scott concert that is scheduled for November 2021. The Travis Scott Fortnite skin could be added to the shop during the concert. Players should keep their eyes peeled on this concert, as Epic could surprise fans.

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