Is the iconic Family Guy character coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite has a habit of introducing pop-culture characters into the game very often with their regular updates. Some latest Fornite leaks suggest that Peter Griffin from the TV show Family G/y might just show up in the game. Read on to know more about the Fortnite Peter Griffin leak. 

Peter Griffin Leak – Is the Family Guy character coming to Fortnite?

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Over the past couple of years, Fortnite has collaborated with many iconic movies, shows and franchises to bring Fortnite skins of Thanos, Mandalorian, God of War, Black Widow, Master Chief and many more. Well, Fortnite’s latest leaks suggest one of the strangest crossover ever. According to this leak, a Fortnite x Family Guy crossover might be coming up. 

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Fortnite Fans have taken to Twitter with a lot of enthusiasm making memes are discussing the appearance of the Family Guy character as one of the Fortnite skins. However, this leaks seems weird for a few reasons. One, Fortnite’s majority of the player base are the kids and young teenagers and Family Guy is a very adult-themed show with a lot of offensive content. Apart from that, Family Guy used to be one of the most popular shows a few years ago but as of now, the show isn’t as popular. Fortnite has a habit of collaborating with the most popular of pop-culture so the Peter Griffin Fortnite leaks seem out of place. 


Fortnite Leaks – What does the latest leak reveal?

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It appears the new leak came through a hacker who was data-mining the new Street Fighter cosmetic that was recently added to the game. The data mine didn’t give a complete Family Guy skin reveal but it did reveal a back bling texture that you can see in the above tweet. This could mean a few things. First, there might be an actual Peter Griffin skin from The Family Guy being added to the game. Second, the developers got tired of the hacking and put the clues there as a joke to troll the hackers and confuse the community. Only time will tell if a Peter Griffin skin really comes to the game. Stay tuned for more news about Fortnite. 

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