Is Grotto Returning To Fortnite? New Orelia Trailer Hints At Grotto POI Update

Fortnite Chapter Season 7 is only a couple of days away and we have already come across secret messages and teasers for it. Among them is the new Orelia trailer which hints at a new update for Grotto in Fortnite.

Read more to find out if we think we will get to see the Grotto returning in the game.

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Mecha Cuddle Master lands in the Fortnite Crew in June – Nintendo Switch





Grotto In Fortnite Map

Grotto underground facility

The Grotto was added as a Point Of Interest in the Fortnite map back in Chapter 2 Season 2. It is located inside the coordinate H5 which lies between Dirty Docks and Retail Row.

Grotto was basically an underground facility in Fortnite that was created by the organization A.L.T.E.R. This facility was patrolled and guarded by computer-controlled Shadow Henchmen.

Brutus was one of the Henchmen who patrolled the area with his Mythic Minigun — which is dropped upon his death and can be collected by players. A lot of players flocked to this place to grab Brutus’ minigun.

Is Grotto Getting A New Update In Fortnite Season 7?

Recently, Fortnite shared a new trailer for the Orelia skin, but it also had another clue in it which hints at the return of Grotto POI. Check out the trailer below:

In the clip, we can see Marigold walking into a big skull-shaped cave in the side of the cliff which got fans to wonder where this place could be. Now, the only place we know that has a big skull already is the Grotto in Fortnite.

Besides this, popular Fortnite leakster Hypex also tweeted an image of the skull with a caption, “it would be a really good POI to replace the Grotto.”

Several fans responded to the tweet, hoping to see a new Grotto as it has been one of the favorite POI for Fortnite players.

As of now, if you visit this place on the map, you would find that there is no change in Grotto. But we think that it might transform in the next Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 update.

However, it is only speculation at this point and we will have to wait for the next update to find out if this place is actually the Grotto.

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