Is ‘Fortnite’ Getting A Live Event This Season?

There’s a funny thing here in this season of Fortnite. Ever since Chapter 1, Season 4, every season has had some sort of live event: a one-time only, can’t miss sort of thing that brings the plot of the season to a climax and usually destroys the world in some way, ushering in whatever change is happening in the next season. It all started with the rocket launch back in the superhero season, but they’ve gotten increasingly insane since: giant monster/robot fights, erupting volcanoes, interdimensional butterflies, and so on.

And yet here we are in Week 10 of Chapter 2, Season 3, and we’ve heard little more than whispers about a live event.

We’ve only got one weekend before the launch of Season 4, but this weekend is taken up by this Free Fortnite Cup, and so it seems extremely unlikely that Epic would double up events like that. And we know that the season isn’t getting delayed this time around, because if it did then Epic would lose key leverage in its fight against Apple: the idea is that iOS users are supposed to be furious with Cupertino once the game won’t update to the new season.

So that would mean a live event would have to take place sometime at the beginning of the week, before the season starts on Thursday. Which would be sort of tight, and a little odd: having a can’t miss live event during the week comes with its own set of problems, especially with school back in session in a lot of places either virtually or physically.

We already know what the next season is going to be: it’s Marvel themed, continuing Fortnite’s longstanding collaboration with Disney and its comic book property. I’ve heard whispers that there would be some sort of Galactus themed event to usher it in, but nothing all that concrete. There are plenty of options where a Marvel-themed live event is concerned, but still, you’d think we would have heard more by now.

The other option here is that we would get a live event to kick off the season, rather than end the one we’re in now, meaning that there would be something happening the last weekend in the month. That would make sense with this Apple War a little bit too: give iOS users another big thing that they’ll miss out on, theoretically increasing pressure on the company. Still, that would be a break with tradition. We’ll see.

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