Is a Peter Griffin skin happening in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7?

Fortnite will soon unveil Family Guy’s main character, as Season 7 of the Battle Royale continues to unfold. Many thought the Peter Griffin skin might come with Season 6, but to no avail. With the current release, players are ecstatic as another iconic skin is coming into the game.

Fortnite has seen some popular crossovers in the past, most recently with the alien invasion and the inclusion of another TV, Rick & Morty. This crossover, which may launch later in Season 7 could connect Family Guy fans with Fortnite and mash up the game in another cartoon mix-up.

Peter Griffin might be coming to Fortnite via a leak in the in-game files

The earliest leak of Family Guy’s Peter Griffin skin was released when data miners for Fortnite discovered a missing in-game file. Fortnite typically has codenames for in-game files that correlate with skins and characters coming into the game.

The FrenchFry file was removed from the game, and Fortnite leaker GMatrixGames revealed that the file shows a reel of Peter Griffin fighting the Giant Chicken. Though the Peter Griffin skin was hinted at during Fornite’s Season 5 of Chapter 2, players never saw its release.

Fortnite players then thought the Peter Griffin skin would be released in Season 6, but again, they were disappointed. So hopefully, Epic Games is going to release the Peter Griffin skin that players will be excited about in the near future.

After Epic Games clashed with Apple in a grisly lawsuit dealing with in-game purchases, many of Fortnite’s files have been given out to the public.

Several skins have been delayed as a minor result of the lawsuit, possibly explaining why the Peter Griffin skin leaked in Season 5 hasn’t been released yet. However, that hasn’t deterred fans from harboring intense anticipation for the new skin.

Fortnite’s Season 7 has already seen a crazy amount of new content, so another crossover skin wouldn’t be surprising. Be on the lookout as Season 7 unravels more content, Fortnite is sure to have more in store for players in the next few weeks.

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